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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Greener Home

What makes a house green? Does it just save energy? Those are the first two questions people usually ask when they hear that I do green interior design.
Green homes do save energy, but that’s only the beginning. Green homes do a lot of things:
  • Save energy in large and small ways
  • Conserve water indoors and out
  • Promote good indoor air quality
  • Use resources efficiently
  • Help preserve the natural environment
  • Contribute to local communities
  • Help people live healthy lives.
I know that’s a long list, but creating a green home is a process. You can take it bit by bit. There is no perfect green home, only greener homes. Caulking windows, buying an Energy Star appliance or remodeling a bathroom – they’re all great ways to green your home.

Happily, we are past the days of granola design when being green meant being boring. Hurray! (That’s the interior designer in me cheering.) Green homes can and should be beautiful and stylish, comfortable and functional.

Wood flooring made from wine barrels, countertops made with recycled Skyy vodka bottles (talk about an amazing blue), rugs made from nettles – these are only a few of the beautiful and bizarre green home products available today.

In this blog, I’ll be writing about amazing green products and about ways to green your home. Do come back – it will be fun and informative. Did I mention the countertops made from retired U.S. currency? Yes, you can prep dinner on countertops made of real, shredded greenbacks.