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Friday, February 3, 2012

The test tube chandelier has arrived

Several weeks ago I announced a contest to find recycled lighting fixtures for my own dining room. Suggestions are starting to trickle in. Since I received these fixture suggestions via Facebook, I want to share them here.

Christopher, my (computer) scientist friend, sent me a link to an amazing chandelier made of test tubes. They come in everything from clear, elegant tubes to brightly colored ones. Christopher suggested putting LED lights in this one.

The manufacturer Gang Design also suggests using the tubes as flower vases, which looks weird to me. Besides, would you have to take down every tube and wash it out when you tossed the flowers? You definitely wouldn't want to leave the flowers in until the water developed that gross, green slime....

Carol sent this lighting fixture made of corrugated cardboard by Greypants. It's amazing how companies can make beautiful products out of such banal, disposable materials. Their website photo of an entire ceiling hung with different cardboard pendants reminded me of the temples that I saw in Hong Kong and the gigantic spirals of burning incense dangling from the temple ceilings.

Last, but not least, here's a fixture that I discovered called "Pinwheel." It's made of twists of recycled aluminum. The manufacturer Veraluz is a great resource since all of their fixtures use recycled steel, recycled glass or other recycled materials.

There are so many green fixtures available now, so join in the fun and send your link to a lighting fixture that uses recycled materials.